Catherine Durickas

 Actress | Producer | Writer


Catherine is a writer, actor, producer and sometimes human being living in LA having escaped Boston. Upon graduating summa cum laude* from UVM, she spent the subsequent decade getting drunk and making poor choices. Her writing is darkly comic, brightly self-deprecating, and medium-ly realistic. Since getting sober, her work has been recognized in numerous festivals and, ever the multi-hyphenate, she also performs in an indie comedy folk duo, Heaven’s Great. She studied at UCB, Groundlings (under Oscar winner Jim Rash), The Second City, Impro Studio, Ben Axelrad’s, Dynasty Typewriter, Pasadena City College and her home theater — The Pack**. When not writing or performing, she does freelance production coordination or pup fostering. She decided to pursue an associate’s degree in Italian during the global pandemic in case you wanted to know what she does for fun. 

*Her mother was disappointed it wasn’t better.

**LA Weekly’s best comedy theater two years in a row! Yay!

She has appeared in numerous commercials, some you probably enjoyed from the comfort of your own couch. Additionally, she has appeared in a few million videos splattered all over YouTube and starred as the cat crazed Leslie in “Up For Adoption” on Verizon’s go90 platform. She loves cats in real life, so honestly, it wasn’t too much of a stretch.

She is repped by The RTA Agency and Mark Blake Management for acting stuffs. For word writing, she is repped at Circle of Confusion. If you wanna talk to any of them, you totally can.

Commercial Representation:
The RTA Agency
John Robertson I Partner
P: 310-321-8484

Mark Blake
P: (323) 683 – 2157

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